“I truly believe that no what matter what your gift is, it is important to shine the light on the path you’ve walked, so that other’s can see the way.” ~ Danielle Figueroa

Danielle is a life-long artist, based in Tallahassee, Florida. Her works feature a variety of mediums creating compelling realism works of art. Danielle strives to be constantly learning and considers her ability to create a gift that brings joy to her as well as others. She pushes the mediums she works with, to new levels.

Danielle is continually inspired by nature’s sweet offerings; capturing moments in life that evoke a sense of peace and tranquility, which manifests itself clearly through her work. From canopy covered roads that have been kissed by the sun to an equestrian piece that makes you feel that you could reach out and touch it, her love for realism is quite exquisite.


Plantation Road: Tallahassee, Florida

“To me, the world of art is endless; therefore I will forever be a student”

~Danielle Figueroa