Train of His Robe

For me worship and art go hand in hand. God is the ultimate Creator and Artist there is! Many times, as I read God’s word, pray and worship there is an image that comes to my mind’s eye and I can’t help but paint it. Originally painted “live” during worship at my church, I pray this painting and my story encourages you.
In the days of old, when one king would defeat another, it was customary for the victor to cut a piece from the robe of the defeated king and add it to his own. The more a king conquered the longer his robe becomes. Wow! When I think how much God has conquered for me, I am overwhelmed. The verse in Isaiah takes on a whole new meaning; the train of his robe was so long that it filled the temple! All the “stuff” you came through; all the shame, guilt, sin, fear, and the list goes on, it was conquered and added to His robe as a reminder to you and a witness to others of how awesome God is. All the times you drew a line in the sand and told God, “I can’t do this myself” is the moment we take our hands off of the situation and let Him do what he does best! He conquers! When you feel you can’t take another step, remind yourself of what he has already conquered for you. He will do again, if you’ll let him.

When I sing the song and read the verse, it’s more than words to me. Secretly I dealt with overwhelming fear. It controlled me. I know fear is an emotion but to me bear was as real as the person sitting beside you. My mind knew no rest. I remember trying to keep my mind busy by entertaining my self with something or someone. I admit that the hardest time was night. While I was exhausted, I dreaded going to bed. As everyone else drifted off to sleep, I was left alone with my thoughts. My one and only hope was God. Desperate, I would reach through the fear and grasp onto the only thing I could; the Holy Spirit. He became my comforter. Daily I would pray, pray for relief, pray for it to go away. I could only seem to hold onto peace temporarily.

Finally one morning, I woke up to the same relentless fear and anxiety but this time there was something different. I had reached my limit! I was mentally and emotionally drained! As I cried out to God with tears streaming down my face, all I could think about was how exhausted I was. I knew if He did not take it away, if He did not rescue me, I would never be free. With all my heart, I laid it down, knowing I could trust Him more that I trusted myself. Breakthrough came! From that morning on, I woke with each day being a little easier than the day before. Each day I felt the load I carried for so long become lighter and lighter.

Danielle vail-5171
As I worshiped and prayed that day, I saw in my mind’s eye a beautiful robe that was a witness of his authority and power at work in my life. If you’re struggling with issues and obstacles in life, take a moment and reminisce of the “stuff” he’s already brought you through. He can do it again!

Stop trying to do His job. Stop trying to take care of it yourself. Trust Him, because He’s able!


One thought on “Train of His Robe

  1. Thanks for sharing. Fear is a hard thing to overcome, but with God’s help we are more than conquers. Your painting is beautiful.


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