I felt like I was choking!

Create every day!

It dosen’t have to be perfect or gallery ready! It doesn’t have to be all planned out. Just pick up a pen, pencil or brush and get busy creating.

You may not like it! You may not finish it! You may even throw it away, and that’s ok. Just create!

I have always loved to create but never made serious steps to follow the dreams God placed in my heart until 5 years ago. I was working a job I was not passionate about and hardly had time to create. I felt like I was choking. Not able to breathe. Creating has always been a part of my routine but during this season of life I had little time to spare. Especially being a wife and mom of three!

Something had to change and it did! I made a commitment to create at least 15 minutes every day. I’ll admit some days the only time there was, was right before bed and I would be sketching the lamp on my night stand….lol. Sometimes I would crawl out of bed early to sketch before I went to work. I even took my sketchbook to work and drew during my break.

All I know is, I was created to create and I am fulfilled every time my hands touch the art materials!

If creating is your hearts passion, do it! Do it every day! Even if you think its ugly and you never show anyone, draw!

Your soul needs it! You were created to create!

I painted this little piece on a day trip to St. Andrew’s State Park in Panama City Beach.

Stay tuned for my next blog on my favorite art materials that I take with me everywhere!

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One thought on “I felt like I was choking!

  1. Thank you for this advice. I think I will also invest in inexpensive papers and determine to use front and back so I will not feel wasteful.


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