It’s Worth it!

It’s worth it! That’s what I heard every time I passed someone along the Pipwai trail on my way to see the Waimoku waterfall in Maui this past summer. This is just one of the fabulous stops on the road to Hana. From a dense covered trail, slippery rocks and roots, and a fabulous bamboo forest, this “little” hike was 4 miles round trip. And they were right, it was worth every step!

I would stop here and there to take some pictures of my journey. The rich greens underlined with deep blues captivated my attention. It was hard to take it all in at once. Now my memories are full of colors I’ll never forget!

My recent painting of the Pipwai Trail

If you ever find yourself in Maui, I hope you walk the Pipwai trail and visit the Waimoku waterfall. The view is worth it, but so is the journey.

“It’s Worth It” is completed in oils on a 24×36 gallery canvas.

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